02 augusti 2010

Back south

...and back in Syverkstan again after a couple of weeks on the road. We have been far up north, living in our mobile home. It has been a wonderful time, the nature is fantastic, sooooo beautiful.

But it´s nice to be back, I´ve missed my sewing machines and my computer and everything.
Do you think I haven´t stitched? Wrong! A lot of hexies are added to my quilt, but I need more loooong trips to finish it.... It´s a big one.

We started in the morning, and as we live far south in Sweden there has been a lot of driving, more than 5000 km. The first day we drove trough Stockholm and up along the east coast.

Next day we reached Höga Kusten, "The high coast" where you can find this bridge.

Next stop, Umeå. And yes, it´s called Björkarnas stad (The town of birches) and that was true. Birches everywhere, along all the streets, wonder how many.....

This one we found in the river. We parked our car on the quay and everytime I looked out, OMG! A little bit scary....

We drove on, up along the coast and reached Piteå. We just had to visit their famous beach, but, too cold for me. That´s something that´s better at home, the beaches.

Here is my travel companion, my hubby Conny. In the background you can see the Finnish border.
It was the first time for me in Finland, but now I´ve been there about ten times. More about that later. It was just a short visit in Finland. Our trip went on along the border, mostly on the Swedish side. More pictures tomorrow, further up north......

But before I stop for today I have to show you something from the stitching world too.
Another sneek peak from my web site. It´s real close now!

Happy stitching and take care,


3 kommentarer:

Betsy sa...

welcome back Helena.

Anonym sa...

looks you had a great vacation and welcome back. I hope to here from you more often

Stina Blomgren sa...

Nämen ... du har ju varit i mina hemtrakter!!!! Och jodu kallt i vattnet har det varit.. men bättre nu..:o))