30 november 2008

A comment from my sister

My sister left a comment on the last post with sort of a clue in it.. She knows the answer and because of that I will translate it to English so not only Swedish speaking people can read it.

She wrote something like "Do you remember the one I had with a hinge on it, we "used" it during Christmas time, and that he was afraid of it when he was a very little child". Mum keeps it know.

3 kommentarer:

Carol in Sweden sa...

Is it a snow plow truck or machine?

Ali Honey sa...

If the snowman is a clue I'd say it is a Jack-in-the-box.( that's not one word ), but it does have a hinge! LOL

Anonym sa...

:-) Kanske var jag inte till så särskillt mkt hjälp..