21 november 2008

I need your "love"

Thank you for all your nice comments on my last post. I will make my decision and tell you later.

These days the angel-patterns will be finished, I have some problems with the photos, I´m not satisfied yet.
My home page including a small internet shop is on its way, my daugther is busy working...then the patterns will be available there and in another internet shop too if it goes my way....hope so.

While waiting for this to happen I will introduce you to my next project. It´s a quite big one, can´t tell you so much yet, because the design is still in my head. Only a few drawings are made.
There will be a heart and love theme in this project, and of course my angels will appear now and then. There will be stitcheries, of course, and some applique. I´ve decided to use very light pastels, pink, green, turquoise, white....
I will start working on this in the beginning of next year, but couldn´t resist making a logo for the project, as a preview:
I have noticed that there is not so many posts left untill I reach 100, and then there will be a give away, of course. Preparing for that, also with the love and heart theme, I need some more help.
I know that I have visitors from more than 40 countries every month and now I´m asking you who speak another language than English or Swedish for help:

I need your "love"

The English word is LOVE, the Swedish one is KÄRLEK, but what do you say in other countries? Please let me know! I will use the words in a stitchery for the give away, so please help me.... Thank you!

Here is a little sneak peek, for the give away I will use this fabrics, a little love stitchery and, I hope, your words....

Take care and have a nice weekend,


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julia sa...

Hi Helena,
I'm sure it's going to be a lovely project...so 'love'
German: Liebe
French: l'amour
Spanish: amor
Italian: amore
...hehe, I did research and found the Chinese version here:
Cheers, Julia

sisselso sa...

Hi Helena,
can't wait to see the project, and I'm happy to be the first to "give" you the norwegian word for love, I'm guessing you allready know, it's "kjærlighet" :)
hugs from norway :)

Lappeklipp sa...

Hejsan Helena! Kärlek på finska är "rakkaus".
Tack för en fin och inspirerande blogg. Har sytt broderiet som man fick under din öppningsvecka i redwork och blev mycket nöjd över slutresultatet.
Ha ett fint veckoslut!!!!
Kram L.

Lizzan sa...

Spännande med dina nya mönster och internetshop. Önskar dig ett stort lycka till med det! KRAM L

Elin sa...

Nynorsk: kjærleik! Lukke til!

Unknown sa...

---ÁST--- is the Icelandic word.

Chantal sa...

It will be a great projekt . The dutch word for love is LIEFDE

Simone de Klerk sa...

Already love the new project you're going to make from what I can see from the drawing and the colors you are going to use.

Anonym sa...

The Dutch word of love is liefde but that was Sandra already saying.
I realy like your blog and designs. I wish you verry much fun creating the quilt.

Ali Honey sa...

"Aroha," is Maori for love.
Enjoy your planning.

Ali Honey sa...

"Aroha," is Maori for Love.

enjoy your planning process.

Anne-Mettes Oaser sa...

Hej Helena.
På dansk hedder det "kærlighed". Hvor er din juleengle quilt sød :-)
Mange hilsner

Noémia sa...

Hi Helena:

I've missed this post, sorry. I want to tell you that in portuguese, love is " amor".