03 december 2008

A day in December

It´s Christmas time, busy time, funny time, lots to do, lots done, except visiting all your wonderful blogs. But later today I´ve decided to take a break, make me a big cup of coffee, maybe buy something sweet and yummy, sit down by my computer and take a long trip in blogland.....see you then.

The past days I´ve worked mostly on Jonatans Christmas gift and I have also made curtains for my friend. She has bought a new house and she has a lot of windows.....it will become beautiful.

Now for today´s clue. (This competition started 28/11) My sister´s comment was a little bit confusing, I know, but everything she said was true about "the thing". The one in that comment isn´t real and the details a little bit specific for that special piece. The snowman has nothing in common with it either, only one detail (or two!) but that doesn´t matter. So, now I have made you even more confused...or...?

This is the first piece I cut for this quilt, and there will be a lot of squares, but also triangels and hexagons. And some pieces with a special shape for this quilt.
I will do that usual piecing, by machine and by hand, I will paper piece some parts, and there will be some applique.
The fabrics I use only have small prints like dots and very small flowers, I will use the colours and shapes to make "the thing" appear on the quilt.

Did this clue help you? Write a comment, tell me what you think "the thing" on this quilt is. And welcome back for more clues next time...the answer is secret until Christmas....

Take care,

6 kommentarer:

Anonym sa...

Flygplan? Det är det ju inte alla som har och det kan ju bli kallt nog för en snögubbe att trivas där uppe. Fast det vore ju lite underligt om det ställdes fram flygplan att bli rädd för under julen men en del folk har ju underliga traditioner. Jag har egentligen ingen aning men det blir ju roligare om det gissas lite, inbillar jag mig i alla fall. ;-)

Anonym sa...

Eller en stjärnkikare med fin himmel runt! Kanske inte så skrämmande men det är ju mycket stjärnor att titta på i mörkret. Och en mamma med stjärnkikare låter trevligt.

Anonym sa...

Hi Helena,
I loved your snowman in the last post but he did not help me with the clues.
I'm thinking maybe something underwater
a whale or dolphin, a sea creature of some sort.
Tina D.

Simone de Klerk sa...

Oh dear, You make it all very confusing. I still have no clue what so ever. The only thing I can think of is that it is something you can not put in the house if you really want to use it. I'll keep on thinking about it.

Carol in Sweden sa...




Gari in AL sa...

Perhaps a music box?