21 juni 2011

An old photo

This old, red photo album is a treasure. It´s my mother´s, filled with photos from when she was a child and a teenager.

It´s like "old time" scrapbooking inside.

This is the photo I wrote about yesterday. My mother is the tall girl on the right staying together with friends who lived in the same house.

A while ago my mother made this watercolour painting from the photo. It helps me with the colours of clothes and hair. So I searched in my stash for fabrics and look what I found.

Could it be better? The striped one could have been leftovers from that dress.

So I picked up my pencil and started to sketch. I have thought about making this for a long time now, but yesterday the inspiration was there. Here are some sneak peeks from my version.

It was fun to make them my way. I had to do some small changes to make it work with stitchery and applique, but I think that´s ok. It wasn´t meant to be a copy.

These are the fabrics I´m going to play with to make the stitchery into a wallhanger. Don´t know if I will use them all.

3 kommentarer:

Rena sa...

oh this is a great treasure you find from your mum and your idea to put photos in fabric ,is just wonderful !


Dolores sa...

This looks like so much fun. I would love to see it completed. Your mother's painting of the photo is such an inspiration.

Rebecka sa...

What a neat project!! The watercolor painting is beautiful. I can't wait to see the finished project.