23 juni 2011

I´m on a roadtrip

These are my companions for this weekend, both of them are 20+ and still going strong.
It´s our first trip this year, destination Öland. It´s a beautiful island on the Swedish eastcoast.

The stop for this evening is here by the sea, the village is called Degerhamn. This is what I see looking through the window.

Food time!

There was a beautiful sunset!

Of course I have made "fabric things" today too. When my hubby was driving I finished the binding on my house. There will be better pictures when I´m back home.

And tomorrow I will start stitching.....

5 kommentarer:

Dolores sa...

Have fun on your trip. I couldn't sew or read in a moving vehicle. It makes me ill. I love your little house/apartment.

Chris sa...

What a fun time and a lovely sunset. Have a nice trip!

Martina sa...

Lovely!Your house looks great! And have a wonderful time!
Blessings Martina

Maria sa...

Enjoy your trip. Beautiful scenery.
Love your little house.

Rena sa...

Enjoy your trip !

Take care ,