20 juni 2011

It´s raining and raining and raining......

.....but here inside by me it´s warm and cosy. I don´t have to go to the beach, no picnic and no barbeque tonight, just sitting here by my sewing machine. It´s wonderful, isn´t it.....positive thinking. Of course I want to do the summer things too, but when I can´t, I like it here together with my fabrics.

A couple of weeks ago I found an old project on my shelf and went on finishing it. It was my guardian angels which I started when a friend of mine really needed guardian angels. But life turned into another direction and the angels were put aside. Until now. I finished the quilting, stitched the pillowcase together and made the bindings.

 Here is the result, a pillow and a wallhanger.

 On the pillow I stitched in two different colours.

 On the wallhanger I only used one colour but made an applique cloud.

I added two blocks to the wallhanger as a decoration.

Then I  made a pattern of the project, "Guardian Angels". You will find it in the shop on my website.

Now I´m going to eat some yummy, Swedish strawberries for lunch and at the same time visit the nice blogs I´m following. I think I will have a wonderful lunch break.
Update: For some reason Í can´t leave comments on your blogs....frustrating! But I love what I´ve seen and read.....
Later I´m going to scan a photo of my mother and her friends. It´s about 70 years old. Then I will make a stitchery out of it, and in the end it will become a wallhanger together with fabrics from the 30s.
More about that next time.

6 kommentarer:

Lee sa...

What a beautiful pillow and hanging and lovely post! thanks for the inspiration! I look forward to seeing your stitiching of the picture - very cool idea.
Enjoy those strawberries - I am too here in Michigan.

Martina sa...

They turned out very lovely! I like the sweet fabrics you used!
Send you some sunshine!

Dolores sa...

It's always nice to finish something that was forgotten. I'm looking forward to your next project - it sounds very interesting.

Maria sa...

Love your Guardian Angels.

Radka sa...

The weather sounds very similar to what we have here in England :(
Where is the summer?
I like your cushion and the wall hanging too, very nice :)

Mistea sa...

This design is very cute and I love the colour combination in the wall hanging blocks.
Super cute pillow.