30 juni 2011

It´s done....

....I have celebrated my 50th birthday. Early in the morning we left home going somewhere unknown for me.
First stop was a hotel where we had breakfast. Next stop was a town called Karlshamn. After a while we found the maternity hospital where I was born 29th of June 1961.

Me and mum

The rest of the day was spent in the archipelago outside Karlskrona. Lots of wonderful islands.
A fantastic restaurant was visited for lunch and before we went back home we had a luxury picnic.

I like the paper this gift is wrapped in.

This beautiful necklace is made for me by my mum and Josefin, my daughter.

Me and my sister, Johanna.

As you can see, she´s my little sister.
No comments.

The men in the family, Conny and Jonatan, served coffee.

Josefin was our photographer, that´s why she isn´t in any picture this time.

The pictures from the picnic is missing, I will be back and show you them tomorrow.

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simplestitches sa...

Happy Birthday!
looks like you all had a wonderful time...lovely necklace!
cheers Julz

ninifee sa...


Lee sa...

What a lovely birthday! thanks for sharing! Your new necklace is beautiful too.

Bente-I like to QuiltBlog sa...

Hej Helena.
Hjertelig tillykke med födselsdagen, skönne födselsdagsbilleder ☺
I like to QuiltBlog.blogspot.com

Stitches sa...

Happy 50th birthday to you. I think you had a wonderful day and nice presents too. Enjoy!!

Anonym sa...

Happy Birthday!!! Mine was on the 23rd and I am 50 also:)

Myra sa...

A belated Happy Birthday to you Helena!! Looks like your family had a wonderful day planned for you! 8-)