21 juli 2008

Flea market!

Last Saturday I was at two flea markets. Here´s my findings:

12 pieces of orange linen, I will do stichery in bright colours on them and make a quilt (perhaps, some day!)

6 more pieces of linen, also for stichery!
For all theese I payed much less than I usually pay for one!
6 pieces of fabric with a Japanese look, don´t know what I will use them for, but they inspired me...
I fell in love with this one!
The last one, four of each item, I will use them in my new red "quilt-kitchen".
I have to hurry up, my hubby is waiting for me! It´s time to start moving my things to the quilt-studio! I´ll be back with pics, I promise!

1 kommentar:

méri sa...

Good findings!
If you start moving your things that means works are finished!
Have a lovely week.