16 juli 2008


Today we started with the floor. That wasn´t easy, because the walls in a 100 years old house are not straight, that we know for sure.

But board after board were put in place and the new floor got larger and larger.

This is how it looks just now, but we will work on it again tomorrow.

I´m very satisfied with the antique look, and it´s so much better than the old one!

Isn´t it?
When Conny worked with the floor I did some painting:

Just wondering how to decorate them. The rocking chair is so cute, isn´t it?

I also decorated my new room at home today; curtains, coverlet, carpets, flowers and much more. Tomorrow I will sew cushions using the fabric which is left from the curtains. And I will take pics to, now it´s dark outside, so I have to wait for the daylight.

Take care


5 kommentarer:

Leanne sa...

Great progress on the floor....and well done on the painting I really don't like painting.

Val sa...

The floor looks great! I love it. There is nothing as hard as remodeling! I have really enjoyed your blog. I will be back to visit.

méri sa...

It's a beautiful floor!
And the rocking chair lovely and the sewing machine there on the right corner desirves a zoom... :)

jeanette sa...

Hej på dig! Trevlig blogg du har...
I´ll be back :)

Liesl sa...

You have been very industrious! The new floor looks wonderful.