22 juli 2008

Help me organize!

About the sewing machine: Yes, it´s a Singer, my hubby found it at a flea market many years ago. I remember my grandma had one when I was a child, but my cousin is now the happy owner.

Today I have tried to organize all my sewing things. When I closed my first studio I was angry and bored, so I just threw everything into boxes, not thinking about the future....

Today was the future and what a mess! But okey, I have to be patient. Now I´m happy and full of life again! I just love my new quilt studio, it will be so exciting!!!

This is how it looked like in the morning! And many boxes left!
My poor fabrics!
That looks better!
My new room at home is a nice one to come home to. I´m very satisfied with how it came out; a crafting room for me and also a guest room.
But you can see who is living there; fabrics on the bed!
It was my teddy bear who played with them!
One of my sewing machines is at home.
I´ve got somewhere to put all my belongings!
This cute orange thing is a gift from my mother when she heard about my orange room. I love orange, it makes me happy!
Take care

4 kommentarer:

dutchcomfort sa...

Your new Syverkstan looks so wonderful!! Good luck with organizing!

Vanessa sa...

Oh, you are so organised, it will be so much easier to craft knowing where everything is. I wish my room looked like this!

Alison sa...

Your room looks lovely. I love the orange touches. I am envious of your thread supply!

Sarah sa...

Oh Helena,

I LOVE YOUR ROOM... Maybe if I show my hubby it might speed things along here????