28 juli 2008

Hot summer days!

Blogg time! "Nisse" the cat helps me.
Today has been a very hot day:

This morning I visited Tyger o ting in Burseryd, together with Josefin. The store is situated 45 min from home, out in the country. They sell fabrics and things for quilting and scrapbooking and much more. A very nice store. I bought some fabric:


More fabric for my stiching quilt. The teddy bear was finished yesterday.
Yo-yo maker

Buttons for my bag swap-bag.
Yesterday I ordered fabric for the bag and for a new quilt from the US, today I got a mail which said that it´s already shipped. I will recieve it perhaps on friday. That´s service.
At last I will show you some pictures from the beautyful summer of Sweden:

Påarp, a beautyful place outside Halmstad.

Today we met a lot of butterflies on our photo-trip!

Can you see the bumble bee?

One of my favorite flowers! A wonderful blue colour, and that bell-shape. Adorable!


3 kommentarer:

Sarah sa...

Oh Helena,

Those photos remind me of our summer time. I really like some of those fabrics you bought. The textured one looks especially yumm (whiteish square texture) delicious. You sounds like you are doing so many things at once. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the blocks for your stitching quilt.

Keep cool while I try to keep warm!

Alison sa...

Helena, all your photos are so lovely. The butterfly picture is very good. I love the fabrics you bought!

Laila L S sa...

Hei Helena

Jeg skriver på norsk, håper det er OK. Liker så godt ditt lille teddy-stitchery, som jeg nettopp fant, så jeg lurer på om det er ditt design eller noe du har kjøpt. Jeg vil gjerne kjøpe det også.....