25 juli 2008

A sunny day!!!

This morning the sun shines from a real blue sky without any clouds! It think it´s going to be wonderful summerday!!!! I´m going together with my hubby and daughter to the sea, to a wonderful place called Påarp. Josefin is bringing her camera with her so I think I can show you her wonderful pics tonight!
My studio is progressing, I have to carry away things that not should be there and clean it up. I´m working on things to put on the walls to make it look more cosy, but that will take some time....

Josefin has promised to take a lot of pics when all rubbish and tools are gone, I have only two pics to show you from my camera:
My sewing machines have moved in!

I really like my studio but I have to make it more cosy, creative, living!
Now I´m sitting in the kitchen looking at wonderful flowers Josefin picked in our garden last night. I must take a picture to show you. That´s that, here it is:

I love the combination of colours, ugly and beautiful at the same time. Inspires me to do something of fabrics in these colours......
Time to pack the picnic basket and leave for the sea. See you....

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