30 augusti 2008

Just a short one tonight....

Today me and my daughter have been on a shopping trip the whole day and just came home. We have been in Helsingborg at a shopping center (yes, I bought some fabrics) and at IKEA. Then we drove a very beautiful but quite long way home. I will tell more about it tomorrow.

Tonight I will announce the winner of today´s draw. The potholders goes to Kerry; Forever Friday. Congratulations! E-mail me your snail-mail address and they are on their way to you!

Now I will say good night to my new fabrics and all of you out there!

2 kommentarer:

Carol in Sweden sa...

It was a LOVELY day today, wasn't it?!

We were on the beach in Farhult (you probably drove by on the E6)...picking up mussel shells and SWIMMING! What a great way to end the summer season! My parents leave this week after being here all summer...I'll be a little sad at first but now I will have more time to SEW!

Anonym sa...

IKEA has fabric?!? I never knew that! I wonder if Australian IKEA has fabric? It's a shame that it's nearly 3 hours drive to my closest IKEA. Congrats to Kerry too!