13 augusti 2008

My mascot

Today I´ve worked nearly the whole day with my new blog design and other things like that. There are a lot of things which have to be ready before the next weekend, 22-24/8.
I´ve planned a little opening ceremony for my new quilting studio then.
And because of the absence of quilting friends nearby, most of the happenings will be here, in Blogland.
Welcome everybody out there!

May I introduce....my mascot....."Mjuka Nalle" (in english Soft Teddy)!!! He has stayed with me since I was a very little baby girl, and he still gives me luck. Now he will work for my new Syverkstan!
He never got a "real" name, my mother took away his eyes, because she worried about me eating them up and he has busted hands and feet but.... his still my "Mjuka Nalle" :))

Yesterday Josefin made another "softie", this delicious 5 min cake from Sarah:

A very dangerous little one, easy to make and makes my body "soft"! But so yummy! Thank you Sarah!
Time for bed, a lot of work is waiting for me tomorrow!

5 kommentarer:

Sarah sa...

OH this is exciting! Do keep me posted okay! So looking forward to seeing the new blog site. The quilt show looked like lots of fun. You so lucky girl!

Carol in Sweden sa...

Is your quilt studio just for yourself or will you be open to the public?

You are making it such a cozy place, it seems! Love the little Nalle! When my daughter was a baby both my "no-more-fuzzy" baby rabbit and my husband's old red worn out nalle were in her room watching over her new, clean, fuzzy animals! (I loved that both our mothers had saved them all those years for us! and now we could share them with our baby!) What a loving memory of your youth! (no eyes and broken body parts)

Good luck with the openning!

Chookyblue...... sa...

so pleased you made it into my swap........a PIF is where you sign up on someones blog on there post about PIF and they senbd you a hand made gift............you inturn agree to post about it on your blog and agree to make 3 gifts for the girls that sign up to your blog and so on and so on......

Chookyblue...... sa...

the blog is looking good..........love your header....

Lizzan sa...

Nää du år rakt då inte ensam om att ha halvfärdiga saker, tror rent utav att de allra flesta lappbitna har det i sina gömmor. Sen varierar det så klart i antal... Önskar dig en riktigt trevlig helg!