11 augusti 2008

Quilt show

Yesterday there was a quiltshow at Allbo, in an old barn. It was the members of a quilt society called Sprätthönorna who had made the quilts. I´m thinking about join that society.

I went there together with my daugther Josefin. And we had a wondeful time, so inspiring. Sorry about some of the photos, but it was quite dark in there.

It was a wonderful place, the quilts fitted in so well....

A wagon full of animals....

....this cute cat sat there together with his friends.

There were a lot of those beautiful creations....

a lot of them....

Wonderful colours!

A heart of flowers
This house was fantastic. It´s built of log cabin blocks, and there are applique cut out from a panel.

Japanese fabrics


More lovely things!
Some of our favorites!
A close up. Such wonderful colours! Josefin get inspired, perhaps a quilt like this will be made by her. I´m happy for that.

Another cat!

The last picture, then our camera thought it was enough. Why do I always forgot to charge the battery before I go somewhere?
We had a wonderful time and so much inspiration. I think a can work full time quilting for the rest of my life and never have time to finished all I want to do....
But that´s much better than not having anything that inspires you!! I feel very sorry for those people!!!
So, keep on quilting...

4 kommentarer:

jeanette sa...

Vilken härlig utställning du har varit på!!! Ja, tänk hur många vackra mönster det finns som man gärna skulle prova på...men man kan bara konstatera att sååå länge lever man ändå inte :)))

Priscilla sa...

What a wonderful place for a quilt show! and I am not surprised you went home all inspired, I think I would have too.
(I also always forget to charge the camera batteries before we go out!)

Carol in Sweden sa...

Hello Helena!

You'll have to let me know when there is a quilt show in Skåne!

That one you went to looked warm and cozy! FUN stuff!

I did something today!!! I started making some pieces for a "Fabric Post card swap" ...I figured out that I could find time to make something small! :-)

Vanessa sa...

What a great location for a quilt show, and some beautiful work there!