28 juni 2011

A stitching day

Back from Denmark. Yesterday I visited Bakken together with my mother and sister. Bakken is an amusement park near Copenhagen. It was our father´s 80th birthday and we celebrated his memory.
He loved trips to Denmark and Bakken.

Today I  have spent a lot of time together with my sewing machine. It´s quite a long time since last time.
I started the day with cutting clothes for "all my children".

Then I ironed them in place and started stitching around all edges using blanket stitches.
Now I just have to go on stitching, and I love to do it....
....but not tomorrow. Tomorrow is a special day, can´t believe it, it´s my 50th birthday.

7 kommentarer:

Anonym sa...

Cute little stitchery and Happy Birthday for tomorrow, I too turned 50 this year in February.

Have a lovely day

Chris sa...

Happy Birthday, Helena! Hope you have a wonderful day. 50 is just another number. Won't feel any different to you than 49 :-)

Mistea sa...

Lovely wardrobe you have created for the children.
Happy special day wishes to you.

Rossana sa...

Happy Birthday Helena!!!!! 50 is a good number!!
Have a wonderful special Birthday!

Martina sa...

What a lovely project. Love the look with applique and stitcheries together. And have a wonderul birthday tomorrow!

Lee sa...

Have the very very best of birthdays! love the clothes you cut out too!

Claudis Nähfüßchen sa...

Late, but with many good wishes!
You have a beautiful page, i love it!
Best wishes