08 juli 2008


Yesterday was a special day, I got two more comments. They were from Bonnie and Christine. You made my day! I´m so excited! What a wonderful thing, these blogs; you can visit other peoples blogs, meet nice people, see what they have made and get inspired. And you can show your own things for everyone who wants to take a look! That inspires me to go on sewing and designing!
I´m so excited to start working in my new quiltstudio. I have so many dreams that I hope will come true and so many ideas to work with. You can see pictures of how it looks now if you go back to 16/6. Where is "the floor-man"? I´m waiting for you. The floor is the only thing that needs to be done before moving in.
Until then I have to use our kitchentable, and that´s what I did yesterday.

Seven flowers in different colours where placed on the top. Then I used... what´s the english name for this stich... help me, please!

And here it is, ready! (and I´m longing for my ordinary camera) Today I will start quilting, but I have to finish the backing first. I have choosen a fabric that wasn´t wide enough, so I have to put stripes of navyblue on it to make it fit. Time to start!
Have a nice day!

5 kommentarer:

Calamity Jane's Cottage, Bonnie sa...

Hi Helena, Your quilt is gorgeous and I can't wait to see your sewing room. I love to look at the rooms of others that are creative.
Thank you for the comment.

Lizzan sa...

Ohh så härligt ditt täcke blir, ska bli kul att se det klart! KRAM

Anonym sa...

Jättefint!!! It's called a buttonhole stitch. Looking forward to see it quilted.
Good luck with your new studio!

Sarah sa...

Hey Helena,

You have gone English - Hip hip Horray - now HURRY up floor man - Helene needs her room! I just SO love the flowers on your quilt - really makes a difference. Stitch name - blanket stitch. You are doing great : )


Libby sa...

Hi Helena! Your quilt top is wonderful - I just love those flowers dancing on it *s*