14 juli 2008

Last weekend

We had a wonderful day in Germany this friday. We left home quite early in the morning, drove down to Helsingborg, went by the ferry over to Helsingör in Denmark.

From the ferry you can see this castle called Kronborg. It is known internationally as the place of William Shakespeare´s Hamlet.

Then we had about two hours driving down to Rödby and a new ferry to Puttgarden and Germany. At first we bought some wine, beer and spirits, much cheaper in Germany, and then we visited the town Lübeck.

This is Holstentor, and yes, it´s me!

My career as a model hasn´t begun yet.

Wonderful old houses....

.....and here they are from the backside.
We had a nice time and came home very late. The best of all: it didn´t rain!

On Saturday I finished the quilt, the label is put in place to.

Here it is! Finished!

The back.

Yesterday I gave it away. I´ve made it for the family of Josefin´s boyfriend Felix. Josefin has stayed with them in their house in Greece and yesterday they all came home again.

The label, with a "thank you for Josefin´s visit in Greece" stiched on it.

I´m happy she´s home again, she had a wonderful vacation and loved Greece.

Today we are going to visit IKEA. There are a few more things we have to buy before we could finish my new room, Josefin´s new room and my quiltstudio.

It´s another rainy day today, a perfect day for shopping!

Hope the sun shines on you!


7 kommentarer:

Leanne sa...

I love your label.

Sarah sa...

Hey Helena,

I like the quilt - well done! So lucky just popping into Germany - the pics were so nice to see )esp Kronborg). I even showed Hubby who said we need to go there one day. Love castels - we dont have them in Australia.

Looking forward to seieng your new room!


P.S. Your english is brilliant!

Katherine sa...

Hello Helena!

Your quilt is gorgeous! What a beautiful thank you gift, right down to the lovely hand stitched label.

Thank you for sharing your photos of your visit to Germany. That castle is fantastic! I think you make a lovely model/tour guide ;o)

I'm looking forward to seeing photos of the quilt-studio you're setting up.

méri sa...

Hello Helena!
Years ago I was in Kronborg but never in Holstentor(:

I loved the quilt and the label! So cute!
You have a Portuguese name! Not Helen, HELENA just like we write :)

Lizzan sa...

Ohh så fin quilten blev, kan tänka mig att den blev väl mottagen!
Ni såg ut ha haft en underbar liten tripp!

Anette L sa...

Hej Helena! Tack för din kommentar i min blogg :o)) Jag gillar verkligen att blanda broderi och lappar - och det ser jag att du också gör! Märklappen på den här quilten är underbar! //Anette

dutchcomfort sa...

Your blue and brown quilt is absolutely beautiful!